PAWS CMS runs on Apache or IIS with tomcat and a mysql database.

  • Designed explicitly for managing bespoke designed mainly static websites
  • Most CMS systems involve querying a database when a visitor views a page. PAWS CMS works differently, it generates the pages of the site into flat html files when you publish them, so your all webpages are served just as plain html
  • As the CMS does it's work when you publish a page it is not just restricted to html files, it can produce any sort of text file you need containing content, whether its html, xml, php, aspx, etc
  • In built facility to have a stage site where you edit the content and a live site on separate domain names, as its just static html you can even zip up your live site to download host somewhere else
  • Simple templating features based on Apache Velocity allow you to create page templates, nav templates, article templates all containing bespoke html
  • Navigation, News items, RSS Feeds etc all remain editable by administrators without needing to use server side includes
  • A CMS to fit with the needs of your website, rather than a website to fit with the needs of your CMS


Various add ons such as login, email marketing, form data capture, even apns management are available.

The application can also be specifically tailored to your requirements and, if required, managed and implemented on your behalf. For more information, demonstrations and references please contact me at JJRDevelopments Ltd or space01